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New Feature! - Monthly Challenges

Every third Friday, a new challenge will be issued - a picture, a word, a snippet of a dialogue, etc. As many fills and whatever media you want as you want, you may post and there's no time limit. If something from three months ago strikes you, fill it!

Tag it with all the usual tags (name, warning(s), etc.) and "monthly challenge".

Voting for comm features continues here!

This month's challenge: Alien of the Week

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Quiet Community is Quiet!

Hi guys!

I'd like this comm to be a little more active and I tend to think building a sense of community is the way to do that. :D So here's what I'm thinking: a TMI Tuesday, monthly challenges, and a monthly pic spam of Steve/Chris Evans and Darcy/Kat Dennings. The latter I'm thinking maybe a different member of the comm can do every month, and either myself or eponinedarcy can do both of the former.
And, as always, if you have another idea you'd like to see put into practice, please tell us!

But ultimately, I put it to you guys - can I get an up or down vote on this stuff?

What Would You Like to See?

TMI Tuesday
Month Challenges
Pic Spam
Other (Explained in Comments)

A+++ Profile, Would Read Again 1-2/?

Title: A++ Profile, Would Read Again 1-2/?
Rating: PG?
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Steve/Darcy, Jane/Thor
Warnings: None, thus far
Summary: Darcy perused [OKCupid] during her lunches sometimes and on a Friday, found possibly the funniest profile she'd yet read. The guy, kilroy_was_here, didn't have a picture, which she usually required, but he was twenty-six, charming, funny, and seemed  pretty sweet. She tilted her head at her phone and decided to message him. She'd show kilroy to Jane later, and maybe to Natasha whenever she got back from Istanbul.

On Ao3
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Welcome Aboard the Good Ship Starcy!

Or ShieldShock. Or whatever other shipname you happen to use for Darcy Lewis and Steve Rogers.

  • Tagging is a must. You have the ability to make your own, but please check to see if the one you want already exists. Please make sure to use author tags, which should look like this: a: [your name here]
  • TAG YOUR WARNINGS. No exceptions. I have already created tags for the usual suspects, but if you feel the need to create a new one, please do. If you chose not to use warnings for fear of spoilers, there's a tag for that, too.
  • Spoilers must be warned for until at least six months after the films come out.
  • No kink shaming, trolling, wank, or flaming.
  • Gen is welcome, as is gender swap, threesomes/moresomes, and RPF/RPS.
  • All types of fan production - art, mixes, fics, etc. - are welcome.
  • If you want to pimp your comm/contest/fest, that's totally okay. No need to ask!

Mod Procedure:
All official mod business will be done with a mod icon, including warning/headsup PMs and comments.

Posts to the comm:

  1. You will receive a private message containing details of what is wrong with your post (let's say you forgot tags or your HTML is screwy) and will have twenty-four hours to fix whatever it is.
  2. The mod will shoot a PM to the other mods (when we get them, anyway) so you don't get dogpiled on.
  3. We can't fix it for you (aside from tagging, which we will probably do for you the first couple times) so if it has not been fixed within twenty four hours, the post will be deleted. You are encouraged to try again, though!
Comments on Posts:
D_S has a three strikes rule for harassment, wanking, trolling, etc.
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You CAN appeal your banning, but you will do it with me, ageofalejandro, and my decision is final. If I banned you, however, you may appeal to a second mod, and I will support their decision.

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